New Wave Laundromat
43779 Van Dyke Ave.
Sterling Heights, MI 48314
(586) 803-0000

Laundromat Hours

Monday thru Friday: 8:00am-9:30pm
Saturday & Sunday:  7:00am-9:30pm


New Wave Laundromat in Sterling Heights, MI

  • Clean, bright, and safe laundromat with spacious layout
  • Friendly attendants always on duty to assist you
  • Bilingual laundry card system (English and Spanish)
  • Wash, dry, and fold services available
  • Dry cleaning and specialty cleaning services also available
  • Entertainment options: arcade-style video games and TVs with a selection of movies available
  • Soap vending machines
  • Snack and beverage vending machines
  • Locally owned and operated laundromat

New Wave Laundromat
43779 Van Dyke Avenue
Sterling Heights, Michigan 48314

Phone: (586) 803-0000
Fax:       (586) 803-1678

Laundromat Hours

Monday – Friday:      8:00am – 9:30pm

Saturday & Sunday: 7:00am – 9:30pm

Attended & Secure

We are a fully attended laundromat with helpful employees at your service. We also have 8 security cameras, a bright store, and a well lit, spacious parking lot. We make every effort to ensure you and your loved ones are safe when entering, visiting and exiting our laundry service business.

Coin-less Laundry Card

There is a “new wave” in the coin-operated laundromat business and that is coin-less. We provide customers with a laundry card eliminating the need to convert cash to coins. It’s faster, easier and more convenient for you to use laundry cards instead of coins. Just swipe your card at the machine you wish to use, select your cycle options, and hit start. You can add money to your card at any time.

Clean Energy

Our state-of-the-art equipment produces very clean clothing while being environmentally friendly. New Wave Laundromat maintains a high-standard of cleaning and drying laundry while being gentle with clothing and linens. Our equipment uses less energy while maintaining these high standards in efficiency and effective laundromat cleaning and drying services.